Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Souchaku Henshin Delta review

The Souchaku Henshin Delta figure is a really nice sculpt! When pieced together, the figure's proportions looks really good overall (relative to the Souchaku Henshin line). The neck isn't too long so it doesn't stick out too much. In my opinion, among all the main Faiz Souchaku Henshin characters, its the most show accurate one.

I also really like the Delta armour's matte coat finish on the shoulders, chest and head armour pieces. The matte application really gives it a different look as compared to Faiz and Kaixa Souchaku Henshin. 

My "complete selection" Delta driver XD. I really like the Souchaku Henshin die-cast rider belts!

Mihara (the main wearer) as Delta! The hair sculpt is very off lol..