Thursday, November 28, 2013

Meelectronics M6 review (Clear)

Design: 9/10
My transparent M6 is really beautiful. The transparent housing allows a look at the dynamic drivers and other internal gadgetry, which is a gorgeous sight to behold. The design also looks very premium, not much to talk about here.

Sound: 9/10
These earphones are really amazing! The score I gave was based on what I paid for (brand new from Amazon), approximately 13USD. For such little money, you will get really premium high quality sound. This earphones put my Klipsch S4 (first edition) and Sennheiser CX870 to shame.

When I put these earphones on, I was immediately blown away by how much detail and such clarity the sound actually has. The sound to me is as clear as water, and makes my CX870 feels really, really muddy. The bass response is just right, and gives a full 'oomph', unlike my Klipsch S4 which sounded a bit thin to me. 

You will definitely not go wrong with these earphones. I have no complaints about them for their price. The frequency covers a really wide range, the sound is clear as water, soundstage is good (I felt like I was using headphones instead of earphones), and the bass is just right, not too much (unlike my Sennheiser CX870) and not too little, just enough to satisfy.

Durability: 8/10
Although these are branded as sports earphones, I don't think I will want to give it a try with a tough workout, and I don't think they will take such a beating either. These are not the Meelectronics Sports S6 either. The construction is really durable though, the cable feels really tough and strong, and the stress points are designed really well. Its probably good enough for the everyday commuter.

Usability: 8/10
Generally quite comfortable, although the first few fittings might be a bit painful. I haven't been using these for long, but right out of the box, they feel pretty alright, although my Sennheiser CX870 are even more comfy.

Overall: 9.5/10
Get these, these are superb. I got it from about 13USD brand new off Amazon. The company doesn't skimp on any materials even at that price. The cable and design feels really solid and premium to me (at least for the transparent clear version), and the included carrying pouch is manufactured really well. You can't possibly go wrong with these if you are a frugal audiophile. 

The sound is really, really good. I will say they are superior to my Sennheiser CX870, Beats Tours, Klipsch S4. This is really the best earphone I've ever had, for the build, price and sound.