Saturday, February 23, 2013

Telling between real and fake Beats headphones

Hello! Fellow tech enthusiast, today, I'll be telling you fail proof ways to tell the difference between any real and fake beats headphones with my years of experience! 

You might be asking when will such a skill come useful, well, such a skill will not only ensure you not to get scammed buying Beats headphones, but also finding or buying real Beats headphones second-hand.

1. Build quality and the metal 'B' plating:

Inspect the first and second picture of the Beats Tours and Solo respectively above. Look closely at the 'b' logo. Firstly, if its the real deal, it will not be a sticker, but rather a metal plate. Secondly, even if its metal, you must ensure that the 'b' has a somewhat glittery and textured pattern, and the metal has silver scratches running down (Inspect the above photo for example). The fake headphones won't be having such intricate details to cut costs on the manufacturing process.

Of course, apart from the metal 'b' plating, do ensure that the build quality is good, as usually the fakes have a lousy build quality.

These traits should be the first key feature between any real and fake Beats headset, even without listening.

2. Sound quality:

In order to confirm that the Dr Dre headphone is authentic, you will of course have to check for sound quality. And in order to know if the sound is really 'authentic', trust me, you don't necessarily have to be an audiophile to tell the difference between Dr Dre's intended EQ and a crappy speaker. There are actually no hard and fast rules to telling audio quality, (which is the reason you buy headphones for), but rather as a guideline. Here's mine:

Beats Tour:
Really good bass, decent instrument separation.

Beats Solo:
The audio has a thumping and slightly boomy bass, instrument separation is pretty distinctive, but the mids are slightly muddy. (That's just how Dr Dre's EQ works)

Beats Studio:
Bass is not as strong as Beats Solo, but is still somewhat augmented. Mids here are pretty much clearer than the Beats Solo and instrument separation is pretty good.

Beats Pro:
An almost flat eq with slight bass augmentation. Really thin sounding audio (thinner than Beats Solo)

3. Serial Number

On the headphone band, real Beats Solo HD will show a sticker label with the serial on it. The fake beats won't have any sticker with serial number.


Trust me, if your Beats headset fulfills the points that I've stated, it is most probably an authentic Dre headset. I did not do a comparison of the box or packaging, as there are tons of comparisons out there on the internet for those already.

Extra information - A rough idea on the Beats manufacturing:

Well, you might still be wondering, how does some retailers (3rd party unauthorised ones) still manage to sell their authentic Beats headset for such ridiculously low prices? (deal used to be one site I know of).

The explanation is actually really simple, the manufacturing costs of each Beats headset is really not more than a fraction, or probably about 5USD for Beats Tours, 10USD for the Solos etc. (Trust me I've dismantled the headset and I know how cheap the parts really are)