Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dismantling the Beats Tour

So recently, I've been thinking since there weren't many people who dismantled their beats products, I thought I might give it a shot for my authentic Beats Tours.

So here's how I did it and my thoughts afterwards:

I dismantled it by simply unscrewing the earphone at the driver housing, pretty simple for a 150USD earphone. Once I got inside, I discovered the parts of the earphone are ridiculously cheap and simple.

Trust me, Dr Dre makes more ugly money out of every single earpiece sold than Apple Inc, the product cost to profit ratio is disgusting. That's why, never ever support dr Dre products, every single one suck from every perspective possible. The product cost of the tour to profit ratio is probably 1:150 in USD :p

Ok, rantings aside, in the driver housing, all you will see is one single tiny speaker unit. I tried cracking it open to see what they use for the diaphragms but to no avail ^_^ The speaker has some sort of rubber band attached to the front. And the speakers are linked to the jack by two thin green and red copper wires.