Thursday, October 18, 2012

iLeaf Pro by Ounuo review (Update in progress)

Hello fellow web user, today, I'll be doing a review of Ounuo's iLeaf Pro earphones. I recently picked these up to replace my Sennheiser CX280, which gotten stolen (Lol). These earphones are extremely solid, well designed, sounds great and durable right out of the box. According to the company, they are designed to be extremely eco-friendly, and even the packaging is eco-friendly as it once you open it up there's no way of resealing it :|

I recently did a search for the review of these earphones, but I couldn't even find a single good and comprehensive review, so here goes mine (one of the first :D) :

Design: 9/10

The design is extremely beautiful and minimalistic, and it goes extremely well with my iPhone 5 rugged WorkMate casing. However, the design is almost identical to the Beats Tours, except for the back of the driver housing, which is flat like a leaf as seen in the image above.

Build Quality: 9/10

The build quality feels extremely premium and solid. The rubbery flat cable makes it feel expensive, and the metallic earphone housing definitely feels durable, though I feel this will pose a problem to the usability of the product as it might be too heavy and keep falling out.

Sound Quality: 8/10

Sound quality is almost top notch, and is on par with 100 dollar earphones such as Klipsch and Sennheisers. Audio is extremely clear, and bass is sufficient. Instrument clarity is also superb, with every instrument being heard pretty clearly when I listened to Elbow's 'One Day Like This'. However, as with all in-ear earphones, what these earphones lack is mostly soundstage, due to its enclosed design.  But overall the sound quality is good enough for everyday use, with sufficient bass.

Usability: 3/10

I must say, the weakness of these earphones lie in their extremely large design, just like the 'Beats by Dr Dre' Tours (I believe the mold is the same). When walking around in these, I sometimes have to keep pushing the earphones in as they tend to loosen after a while if you make any sudden turns or movements. This fault is due to its extremely heavy 'flat cable', and also the weird driver housing design (exactly like the Beats Tours), which is unusually long and heavy.

Anyway, I have never onced liked the design of Dr Dre's Tours simply because its just too impractical to have such a heavy driver housing that will keep falling out, and I have no idea why Ounuo did not even improvised. My theory is they wanted to cut costs, thus they used the same mood to make the driver housing and cable as the Beats Tours.

*Update after a week's worth of usage*

These earphones are extremely heavy and impractical, due to the extremely heavy housing and flat cable design. They tend to fall out almost every time I start walking, and would only stay put if I sit down or stop walking. I do not know about the other users, but this design problem is bugging me a lot.  The earphone is rendered almost useless by the weird design, as there is practically no point in owning an earphone that is not meant for mobility.

Durability: 7/10

The build quality of these earphones are really good, and you can stash them in your jeans pocket or bag and expect them to last.

Overall score: 4/10

These earphones fail to meet my expectations, simply because of the poor design. These earphones were clearly designed for style over function, as the flat cable and the metal driver housing makes it extremely heavy, thus making it fall out all the time. I could not walk around without it not falling out. Thus, I wouldn't recommend these earphones to anyone, bottom line, they suck terribly due to the idiotic design. Who would want to use them?