Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sennheiser CX280 review

Product Overview:

The CX280 mid tier Sennheiser in ear earphones are good for normal everyday use. These pair of in ears also features a volume control compatible with Apple iPods.

Design: 7/10

These pair of earphones are moderately well designed. They stand out well from normal earphones, thanks to its unique zig-zag pattern on the earphones. However, these pair of earphones aren't overly attention grabbing, due to its dull dark colours. Therefore, these pair of earphones are perfect for those who are looking for a pair of discreet earphones with solid sound! 

Build Quality: 9/10

As expected of the Sennheiser company, these in ears are extremely durable, and also feels tough and solid. The plastic used to make these earphones are extremely strong, and the cable housing is also slightly rubbery and feels strong (slightly stiff, a good sign of quality). When on my daily commutes, I usually just stash them in my pocket along with my phone, and they show absolutely no signs of wear and tear at all. Unlike most other earphones, the audio jack connector is L-shaped, thus its extremely reinforced and durable, which eliminates the problem of the cable housing wearing off at the jack connector, unlike most other earphones.

Sound Quality: 9/10

These pair of earphones offers very decent sound quality, as expected of Sennheiser. Clarity was very good in the in ears, and the violins and cellos felt alive when I listened to Vivaldi's 'The Four Seasons - Spring'. The sound stage is also quite decent, or even better than most other in ears. Bass was strong, not overpowering, but yet clear and satisfying at the same time. In fact, they have even more bass than Dr Dre's iBeats.

As for the mids and trebles, they were pretty average and neither is lacking. Vocals were also clear but not piercing. Overall, for its price, the sound quality is very good, I even feel that they can go on par with higher end earphones, such as the Klipsch S4.

Usability: 8/10

There wasn't many problems with using these in ears. Comfort is very high and sound quality is good. My only complain is the cable often feels slightly heavy, due to the volume control located near the wire splitter. 

Durability: 8/10

These earphones are definitely made to last, from the way it is designed! Jacks, connectors are all really well made. 

Overall Score: 8/10 

Though these are not an extremely high end pair of in ear earphones, the sound quality is definitely very good for normal everyday use, and are even on par with higher end earphones like the Klipsch S4. You definitely will not regret getting these pair of earphones!